The speed of the razor is constant and does not change. Brand/Model: CkeyiN MT065R-EU And it looks like it’s OEM as the brand name is on the sticker, not the paint on the body

CkeyiN 5 in 1 Multifunctional Women’s Rechargeable Razor

The largest razor head. The inscriptions below say that there are two versions: mains powered and battery powered, but what its capacity and type is not indicated. Specs are a bit vague: No, there is someone to use it, but how can I write a review about this subject? Therefore, do not blame me, there will be no photo of the results of the application). Only for women they are multifunctional, look different, with their own specifics, and often pink). They are. Charging: 8-12 hours Just below the switch is a charging indicator. In reality, it looks like this in a woman’s hand. Although not very important. To say that I was surprised and puzzled when I received a women’s razor in the package along with a neck massager means to say nothing. It turns out that not only men use electric shavers. In essence, CkeyiN 5 in 1 is a cordless trimmer, but the attachments radically change the scope of its application. We will not dispute their presence in a set of certain nozzles and treat them with irony. The packaging of the subject is bright and colorful, everything is as it should be for girls. Inside we find a blister with a razor/trimmer, nozzles, a cleaning brush, a very brief instruction and a meter cable for charging. Maximum dimensions: 14*5.2*2.5 cm The device is called simply – a portable mini razor. Rated power: 3W There are four nozzles in the set for different purposes and one is already installed on the carcass. It is with her that the dimensions of the device are 14 * 5.2 * 2.5 cm. Power: 5V 1A . Probably needed, let’s take it as a fact. A single switch is provided for switching on.

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