Inside we have a small type-c cable and case itself, nothing more.
The case uses chip VLI VL716-Q4. The case was purchased for 8.05, thanks to the Ebay coupon. Unassembled, the case looks like this: It was 20 days on the way.
A connected SSD drive looks like this: The case was packed in such a box and pasted over with films.
The blue LED flashes during recording.

2.5” transparent case for type-c drives

The fastenings of the top cover are sliding. When plugging in discs, the connectors bend a little, but there is nothing wrong with that if you do it rarely and calmly. The disk itself does not hang out inside and is well clamped. Disks thickness should be 7-9.5mm, I tried a 9.5mm HDD (WD Blue 250 GB WD2500BEVT) and there is still some room left for some print. I received the package pretty quickly. The track was tracked only in China. The case also has a slight backlash in the lid. Type-c cable length is 33 cm, without connectors. In USB 3.0 mode:
In USB 2.0 mode:

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